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Argentine madness has made it's way to BEACON HILL Farm.   We are so proud to number KOBRA's SERPIKO among our illustrious herdsires.  SERPIKO was the 2005 Celebrity World Champion from
LC-Llamas.  His has  seven crias  on the ground and they have definitely fulfilled our expectations.   Check them out below and on our "New Crias on the Block" page.  Serpiko is available for limited breedings.
Kobras Serpiko.jpg (29752 bytes)
Kobra's Serpiko                               Serpiko's Premier                             Absolut                            Royal Spinnaker            Serpiko's Spot On
2005 Celebrity World                            b. 6/1/2006                          2006 April Magic                       our stunning                         with his Mom
Class III                                                                                         Supreme Champion                   Millennium son                       Moonspinner

We have become active in learning how to spin and process our wool and thank our spinning teacher, Margaret Tyler of La Mesa, for all of her wonderful tips.  To learn more about our shearing activities and wool, please go to our wool page.  


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Our Newest Arrivals:  

2011 was a banner year with some awesome new crias.


Beacon Hill's Athena

    Kobra's Serpiko  x  Beacon Hill's Ariana



  Our Celebrity Champion, Kobra's Serpiko, now has seven babies on the ground.  Our congratulations to Nancy and Ken Sutton who had a lovely girl who took Best in Show her first time out. 


 Chris and Cristy Kemsley of Texas purchased S & S Helena from us.  She was bred to Serpiko and Serpikoko's Expresso must be seen to be believed.  She is currently  residing at Beacon Hill Farm in the fall of 2008.  The  youngest one, Serpiko's Pyrotechnics is out of Beacon Hill's Obsidian.  He was born right after the fire, and his flashy red curly coat and dynamite personality earned him his name.

Serpiko's BH Pyrotechnics

 (Kobra's Serpiko x Beacon Hill's Obsidian)

b.  11-10-07


 Beacon Hill's CoCo's Chanel who was the first baby born on our farm.  She had our first Serpiko baby.   Chanel and Serpiko are both Brownish-Black silky llamas, and Serpiko's Premier drove all our preconceived calculations regarding genetics straight out the window.  As you can see Premier has a grey face, legs and tail, red-gold body, and white feet.                 

                                                    Serpiko's Premier


 His fiber is truly amazing.  We are hoping for wonderful things from this boy.     Premier's half sister Shalimar out of Chanel x Bardo's Garcilaso also just had a Serpiko baby.  Shalimar and her new baby now belong to Lisa Osborne and Brian Pierson.   This baby is grey with red, brown, black, and white feet.  Here again the second Serpiko baby seems to have defied our notions of Genetics.  

Our Moonspinner (a Pillar daughter out of our Lom's Batman daughter, Monique) had a dynamite baby out of Serpiko.  This time it was a silver and white appaloosa.  Again, it is hard to predict color in llamas. and Serpiko keeps producing  delightful surprises.


                                     Serpiko's Spot-On                  



                                               Coste Marika

                                               (Coste del Sol x Beacon Hill's Mariah Aphrodite)

We are happy to welcome our Coste del Sol daughter (Beacon Hill's  Coste  Marika)  out of Beacon Hill's Mariah Aphrodite.  Coste del Sol is owned by David and Marsha Ross who now reside in Oklahoma.  Marika is a Keeper with her stretchy and impressive conformation, lustrous fiber, and fantastic personality.  She has become our goodwill ambassador, and everyone who meets her falls in love with her.



Marika took a first place at Del Mar her first time out.


Beacon Hill's Prince Caspar of Albion



                                                RLL Millennium x Mor's Confetti

                                                            b. 11/25/2007                                                         SOLD  

And then we have Beacon Hill's Annike (below) out of our own Beacon Hill's Affinity x Selby's Anne (a Gold Rampage daughter).  Her grandmother is a Scherezade's Black Knight daughter (RLL Autumn)  and we think that Annike inherited the best from both sides.  She has wonderful conformation, and we believe that she will be a dynamite showgirl.


                                     Beacon Hill's Anneke


We think that Annike is the swan in our herd.  She has developed the awesome conformation of her paternal Grandmother, RLL Autumn, abundant soft fiber, and has a winning personality.  We think she would make a wonderful addition to your pasture if you are contemplating adding to your breeding program.

                                Beacon Hill's Ariana

                                            (RLL Millennium x RLL Autumn)

Ariana continues the incredible tradition of beauty and stature exhibited both of her parents.  We have to say that one of our most fortunate forays into the world of llamas was when we ventured into River Lane Llamas where we were lucky enough to obtain both of her parents, RLL Autumn and RLL Millennium.  We ar not planning to  let her go.  We thought we had it all last year when we got her full brother, our appaloosa suri, Royal Spinnaker, amd then we got this impressive beauty.


                              Beacon  Hill's Flamboyant        

                                          (Flambe x Beacon Hill's Chanson)                          SOLD

Our GLL Jakarta daughter Chanson,a Batman daughter   (Beacon Hill's CoCo's Chanel)passed on her exquisite beauty to her Flambe son Touche. His silver toned fiber is incredible, and he has inherited a wonderful personality, stemming from both sides of his pedigree.


                             Beacon Hill's Enchante

                                        (RLL Millennium x Peruvian Torrie)

                                        Torrie is a Peruvian Ciervo daughter

Enchante is an exquisite cria--all silky fiber, long neck, splendid conformation.  What more can one ask for?  She would contribute the best in genetics to her offspring.  Call to inquire about this lovely lady.


               Beacon Hill's Jillian (Jillipalooza)                                                                                 


                                                      RLL Millennium x East Fork's Lollapalooza

                  Beacon Hill's Jete


RLL Millennium x East Forks Lollapalooza)          (Flambe x Beacon Hill's CanCan)     

GLL Jakarta and RMP's Connect the Dots (Bryanna) have done it again!  We have had 3 simply awesome babies out of this breeding combination.  The last is Beacon Hill's Bouquet. It took a while for Bryanna to have a girl but this colorful little appaloosa was well worth waiting for.

Beacon Hill's Bouquet

(GLL Jakarta x RMP's Connect the Dots)

Below, our Chilean Graffiti daughter Toute de Sweet (out of Mor's Monique) admires Gene's hat.                          


                                                  Toute de Sweet



     Two Years ago we were very happy to welcome four appaloosa boys, two, lively red girls, and a dynamite black and white Flambe daughter.  Shown (right) below is Confetti with her son Biscotti and his sidekick, The Ninth Wave.  On the left, you see Bonita Llama Farm's Berry with her son Regalo and Confetti with Biscotti.  Observing all the activity is our Peruvian Ciervo daughter, Torrie, who is the designated aunt to the babies, because she loves to prong with the babies and teach them to play with balls.

   confetti and berry and babies.jpg (51424 bytes)                   Confetti and the babes.jpg (55903 bytes)

Beacon Hill's Ninth Wave


Below is Jak's newest little boy, Ninth Wave.  Ninth Wave has a confident, lovely personality, and appears to be taking on the role of Greeter for our cria herd.  We call him Ninth Wave.calm.

  Diplomat.jpg (74493 bytes)        Diplomat 2.jpg (71227 bytes) 

                                        b. 6/13/05

                              (GLL Jakarta x RMP's Connect the Dots)   SOLD

Beacon Hill's the Ninth Wave (left, below)  and Spinnaker (right, below) are engaged in their new ball game.  Both boys are silky, but Spinnaker  sports the "wet look " with slippery, suri fiber.   


                               Diplomat and Ambassador.jpg (78637 bytes) 


Beacon Hill's Royal Spinnaker

spinnaker int.jpg (226593 bytes)        spin 2 int.jpg (240851 bytes)

Spin int.jpg (202499 bytes)
                                             b. 6/18/05 (RLL Millennium x RLL Autumn)

Our third appaloosa boy, Biscotti, has had some trouble latching on to his mom.  So we introduced him to Suri, the surrogate mom, designed and constructed by Gene and Kenny.  After Biscotti consumes his milk, he kushes by Suri before sortiing out to find his real mom, Confetti (shown on the right). 

                                  baby and two moms.jpg (69881 bytes)

                 Biscotti  (RLL Millennium x Mor's Confetti)

                                      b. 6/18/05

 Beacon Hill's Heart Throb

Millennium has blessed us with a third appaloosa this year out of our stunning King Crimson daughter. Lolly.

        b. 11/22/05

    (RLL Millennium x East Fork Lollapalooza)    sold


Heart Throb has the same silky suri fiber as his older brother, Royal Spinnaker.  We are so pleased with what Millennium has been doing.

Beacon Hill's Arabesque

Below you see Arabesque.  We have been very excited about this breeding because it brings together the pedigrees made famous at Bauernheim llamas (combining the Merit and Scherezade's Black Knight bloodlines) combined with some of our other favorites  (GLL Jakarta, Lom's Batman).  Meranda is a Merit daughter (and aPillar granddaughter) and Affinity is from a Scherazades' Black Knight daughter (RLL Autumn, the mother of Spinnaker, shown above). 

And Arabesque is all that we have dreamed of.  We are indeed fortunate.


                                  Arabesque web.jpg (149284 bytes)

                              On day 1

     arabesque.jpg (529642 bytes)                       

(Beacon Hill's Affinity x Beacon Hill's Flying Meranda

b. 6/24/05

Beacon Hill's Ariel

ariel int.jpg (191658 bytes)      

b. 11/9/05


(Flambe x Beacon Hill's Can-Can) 

A baby with attitude!!!! Ariel is out of a Beraji of Tunitas daughter.  She looks like her mom with a hint of the cream puff marking that distinguishes Flambe.  And like her famous dad, she has Pzazz!  She makes both llamas and people pay attention to her.

Now Ariel has lived up to all of our expectations.  Everyone who comes to our farm is taken with her. 


                                          wpe92.jpg (26927 bytes)               shimmerin int.jpg (78133 bytes)

                                                                     b. 5/12/05                                                Shimmerin'


Shimmerin', our Prime Plus One daughter, and her mom Sizzlin' arrived at our ranch from Tilllman's llamas.   And Shimmerin' was worth waiting for with her wealth of silky, wavy fiber.  This is a very lovely girl.   ( For more about Sizzlin' please go to the "New Kids on the Block" page.) 

                         Moonlight and Roses

                                                Moonlight and Roses int size.jpg (70482 bytes)

                                                                                      b. 6/27/05

                                              (Bardo's Garcilaso x Monique's Moonspinner)


Moonlight and Roses is a lovely little girl.  People say she looks like Bambi with her lovely fawn-colored fiber which she got from her Dad, Bardo's Garcilaso.  She is extremely feminine and very active.  Her mother is one of our keepers because she is so beautiful and so friendly.