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Argentine madness has made it's way to BEACON HILL Farm.   We are so proud to number KOBRA's SERPIKO among our illustrious herdsires.  SERPIKO was the 2005 Celebrity World Champion from
LC-Llamas.  His has  seven crias  on the ground and they have definitely fulfilled our expectations.   Check them out below and on our "New Crias on the Block" page.  Serpiko is available for limited breedings.
Kobras Serpiko.jpg (29752 bytes)
Kobra's Serpiko                               Serpiko's Premier                             Absolut                            Royal Spinnaker            Serpiko's Spot On
2005 Celebrity World                            b. 6/1/2006                          2006 April Magic                       our stunning                         with his Mom
Class III                                                                                         Supreme Champion                   Millennium son                       Moonspinner

We have become active in learning how to spin and process our wool and thank our spinning teacher, Margaret Tyler of La Mesa, for all of her wonderful tips.  To learn more about our shearing activities and wool, please go to our wool page.  


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Build your llama Image with  llamas from Beacon Hill Farm.



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Dr. Ruth Baak, Proprietor,

Beacon Hill Farm

Gene Nicholson, Proprietor,

Bonita Llama Farm


Kenny Blakley, Farm Manager

2086 Mother Grundy Truck Trail, Jamul         CA

P. O. Box 1152,  

Jamul CA 91935

(619)468-6808 or   (619) 468-3074

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Meet the Beacon Hill Herdsires. 


wpe8.jpg (3289 bytes)

Our studs are available for limited breedings.  Inquiries welcome.

GLL Jakarta (Full Bolivian)

an El Chavo Grandson

  wpe4.jpg (313651 bytes) 

 Click on Picture to enlarge.

(White Oak Carmine x GLL Sedocean)  

wpe31.jpg (308552 bytes)

   (click on picture to enlarge)

Jak has produced incredible crias with stunning color and fiber.

 Click to View Jak's Pedigree

Jak's splendid sons, Sherlock and Finn (Affinity) are also at stud.  Click to view Sherlock and Affinity

Affinity (Finn ) had an absolutely stunning cria this spring.   To view this girl, please press this button.


Please go to our Cria page to seeJak's newest offspring, The Ninth Wave. He can also be found on the males for sale page.

Click to see The Ninth Wave


             RLL Millennium 



(RAR Chilean Black Jade x Chilean Princess)

Millennium is a grandson of both Leroy Brown and Chilean Canoso

 wpeC.jpg (85128 bytes)

(shown at Celebrity with handler Carolyn Gardner) co-owned with Bonita Llama Farm

Millennium back web.jpg (755215 bytes)

Thank You Ken and Nanci Sutton for purchasing a breeding to Millennium at the recent LASC Stud Auction.

Beacon Hill Farm announces the birth of our RLL Millennium crias!!   Millennium carries the genes of Leroy Brown and Chilean Canoso and his crias reflect the quality of those bloodlines.

Click to view Millennium's pedigree 

wpe9.jpg (100901 bytes)

            Shown here is Beacon Hill's Chiliad Crescendo at five months: the Suri with the Fringe on Top (RLL Millennium x Mor's Dominique). He was our first Millennium son.  We had three new Millennium appaloosa crias this year.  Check out our cria pages to see our stunning little appy, Royal Spinnaker, who has wet-looking suri fiber. His little brother, Fanfare, promises to be just as nice.  Now you can also see Crescendo (and his silver appaloosa brother, Rhapsody) on the Males for Sale Production pages

 Click to see Crescendo 

Crescendo is now approaching 3 years, and has lived up to the promise of his youth.  He qualified for Western regionals this year.  He has wonderful disposition, conformation, and fiber.


Flambe. ..

a Top Flight Son


Flambe edited scan.jpg (754153 bytes)

Flambe spent his formative years at Llama Woods Ranch and was one of their main herdsires along with LW Gucci. This Top Flight son was purchased by Applegate Llama stud, and we are grateful, indeed, to Andrea for offering him to us.  With his delightful disposition, rare grey coloring, and excellent conformation, we were happy, indeed, to add him to our breeding program. He is available for limited outside breedings.  He is co-owned by Bonita Llama Farm.      

 Click to view Flambe's Pedigree

Flambe recently sired a saucy little female, Ariel, who seems to display his spark and presence. This little cria demands your attention with her "look at me" attitude.   .Click to view Ariel


an Argentine Kobra son

cropped serp.jpg (225398 bytes)  serpies trophy.jpg (41572 bytes)  serpikos blue ribbon.jpg (25658 bytes)

We felt like we won the lottery when we purchased Serpiko.  This Argentine Kobra son is everything you could ever dream of in a llama.  He has superb conformation, beautiful silky fiber (which has received excellent placement in walking fiber competition), and top it all off with a super disposition.  When we entered him in the Celebrity Futurity and he placed first in his class, it was more than icing on the cake.  We are still pinching ourselves for our good fortune.  This boy is available for limited breedings.

Click to view Serpiko's Pedigree

Dutch Flat's ABSOLUT

a Merit son 




This boy moves with a fluid motion that makes him appear to be gliding.   We thought we had it all when we got Serpiko, and then we saw Lut.  When he went to the ALSA April Magic show in April, he thrilled us all when he won Grand Champion and then Supreme Llama in the show.  He is co-owned by Bonita Llama Farm.

                                          Click to see Lut's Pedigree

                                Tillman's Bueno     Chico

a Chiri Chico son

Bueno chico head res.jpg (48869 bytes)

 Click to view Bueno Chico's pedigree

As we watch him grow, we are more and more pleased as he fulfills his genetic potential.

For more information regarding these two new Herdsires please see top and see New Kids on the Block page

Our original herd was founded on the offspring of three impressive, well-recognized herdsires:   Lom's Batman,  Long's High Five. and D.E. Pillar. We have enjoyed wonderful offspring from our High Five,  Batman, and Pillar daughters.  Now two of our High Five and one of our Pillar sons (shown below) are  available for breeding.  

Our two Long's High Five sons:

Beacon Hill's Mirror Image (Mirage)


wpe10.jpg (95836 bytes)

[Long's High Five x RMP's Connect-the-Dots)

For a  picture of a young Mirror Image, please go to our Future's page. 

 Please click to view Mirror Image's pedigree

Mor's Finesse

Finesse brings to our herd the genetics he inherited from the beautiful Leroy Brown son, Rar' Old Spice.  He has wonderfully silky, curly fiber. 

Click to View Finesse's Pedigree


wpe11.jpg (94768 bytes)

(Long's High Five x Miss Cinka de Mayo)

Bardo's Garcilaso and RMP's Bravo Conquistador are shown below. 

wpe9.jpg (48360 bytes)


Bardo's Garcilaso

a Peruvian Bardo son

(Peruvian Bardo x Cynthiana)  

Click to view Garsi's Pedigree

 wpe23.jpg (11235 bytes)

(Peruvian Bardo x Cynthiana)  co-owned with Mountain Oaks Ranch

This Peruvian Bardo son looks a bit like a cinnamon bear.  His color is so luscious, and he has wonderful bone.  We have enjoyed some wonderful crias from him, and currently have one in our Mom and Baby pen.      

Click to see Moonlight and Roses


RMP's Bravo

Continuing the Bogart Legacy


                      (RMP's Standing Ovation x GLL La Donna) 

                               Click to View Bravo's Pedigree

Beacon Hill's Spittin' Image

a son of Huff's Tai Pan, and a Conception grandson

Spittin image web.jpg (272220 bytes)

D.E. Pillar x Mor's Dominique

This Pillar son is simply gorgeous.  His grandsire of  was Huff Ranch's Tai Pan.  This boy  carries Conception, Batman, amd Pillar genes, a stunning combination.  He is ready to breed, and is available at stud.  Consider adding thisremarkable male to your herd.

 Click to view Spittin' Image's Pedigree

Beacon Hill Farm Breeding Policies:

Our breedings come with the following guarantees:

1.   Live Birth guarantee

2.   You will receive 30 days of free board for your female during the breeding.  

3.   Female guarantee:  if your cria is a male, we will provide a second breeding at half-price,

4.   We also furnish discounts on multiple breedings done at the same time.   

5.   When we sell breeding-quality females, a breeding to one of our studs is included in the sale price.


Stud fees:

RLL Millennium, Flambe, GLL Jakarta                                $ 1500

Kobra's Serpiko--Introductory price                                   $ 2000

Will go up in March to                                                      %2500

Beacon Hill's Affinity                                                       $ 1000

Bardo's Garcilaso,  Mor's Finesse, Beacon Hill's Mirror Image, Beacon Hill's Sherlock                                                                 $   750

Ask about Tillman's Bueno Chico-IntroductoryPrices and Beacon Hill's Spittin' Image, Selby's Frolicking Gold  (who qualified for Nationals this year) and our striking reverse appaloosa, RMP's Bravo Conquistador.